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Traditional medicine has a long history. It is the sum total of the knowledge, skills and practices based on the theories, beliefs and experiences indigenous to different cultures, whether explicable or not, used in the maintenance of health, as well as in the prevention, diagnosis, improvement or treatment of physical and mental illnesses. The terms complementary/alternative/non-conventional medicine are used interchangeably with traditional medicine in some countries. Vimcare Pharma, we believe that if we take care of the present, we inspire a better future. It is this vision towards a disease-free world, a sustainable natural environment and a healthy global population, that supports our commitment to ensure the highest quality of products and services towards offering parallel care to our clients, and to the larger community.


We will endeavor to emerge as a leader in the integrated pharmaceuticals business by continually achieving and surpassing the highest standards in quality driven manufacturing and sustainable development through environmentally friendly practices. At Vimcare Pharma, we will continuously provide value to all Clients of the organization with a focus on innovation and core values towards achieving excellence across all operations.


We will fulfill our mission by:

•Our determined commitment to our values in integrity, transparency and responsible corporate citizenship along all facets of our value chain
•A continuous focus on achieving excellence and leadership through the highest standards of quality across all functions of our organization
•Ensuring a safe and healthy environment for all personnel and maintaining harmony with the natural environment
•Recruiting, training and retain the highest caliber of professionals in the industry

To ensure the well being of the community by effectively fulfilling social responsibilities.


VIM = VIM stands for VIMLA (Mother), 

also the name of Goddess Durga. (MAA)

CARE = CARE stands for Value to our Product Users, 

VIMCARE = Mother’s Blessings & Care to all our Valued Users, . (MAA KI KRUPA)

The name its origins in the Sanskrit  language and it is used largely in Indians. The meaning of Vimla is ‘Clean Pure, Untarnished'. Here VIMLA Mother of the Founder Director Rajeev Singh Chauhan. The Mother Blessings come from Heart which is really Cares for everything. This Care with name comes into reality i.e. VIMCARE, This Company Comes in PHARMA Industry with such a philosophical values in herbal medication concepts and many more conceived products awaited for all people, because we value our end users.


During the last decade, use of traditional medicine has expanded globally and has gained popularity. It has not only continued to be used for primary health care of the poor in developing countries, but has also been used in countries where conventional medicine is predominant in the national health care system. With the tremendous expansion in the use of traditional medicine worldwide, safety and efficacy as well as quality control of herbal medicines and traditional procedure-based therapies have become important concerns for both health authorities and the public. The concept of Vimcare brand image and unflinching commitment to “Quality” are intrinsically linked  to reach this desired destination and the result is VIMCARE 


Running our business with integrity is how we create value for our employees, customers, suppliers, shareholders and above all. working towards high levels of transparency, accountability, consistent value systems, and delegation across all facets of its operations leading professionally focused methods and management. In this way, we ensure that we are compliant with applicable laws and regulations wherever we operate. Vimcare is committed to transparent and ethical business practices. We invite you to review the principles, rules and guidelines under which we operate. We believe in for open communication between the staff, management and stakeholders, including shareholders, employees, customers, suppliers and statutory authorities.